Freelance Bookselling

I work as an ad hoc bookseller for several bookshops in Wigtown. I work most frequently with Shaun Bythell at The Bookshop in addition to intermittent work with other local booksellers. I also work annually as the Bookstalls Manager for StAnza International Poetry Festival in St Andrews and partner with Annie Rutherford of StAnza and Jude Innes at J&G Innes to coordinate the sales and bookstalls.

Where possible, I’m happy to take on other clients. This may involve an annual festival that requires home-based support throughout the year and on-site support for the duration of the festival, or a bookshop that needs specific support from someone with trade knowledge and experience. Depending on availability, either of these could, in theory, be anywhere in the UK or Ireland where travel and other out of pocket expenses are covered by the client. Rates are negotiable by the hour or as an overall fee, where appropriate.